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Richmond Personal Injury Lawyer / Blog / Car Accident / High Car Crash Rates Among Generation Z Drivers

High Car Crash Rates Among Generation Z Drivers


Did you know that the likelihood of a driver being involved in a motor vehicle collision may be higher (or lower) depending on the age of the motorist? For quite some time, studies have shown that teen drivers engage in particularly dangerous behaviors while driving, and that their inexperience can exacerbate accident risks associated with actions like distracted or impaired driving. Yet according to a recent study reported by CBS News, it is not only teenagers engaging in hazardous driving practices. To be sure, the highest rate of motor vehicle crashes may actually be among those in Generation Z more broadly, which includes people born from 1997-2012, according to Pew Research. To discuss those birth years in terms of driver ages, Generation Z includes people who are aged 12 to 27 as of 2024. It includes current teen drivers as well as most drivers who are currently in their 20s.

What else should you know about the study and what it means for car accident claims? Our Richmond car accident lawyers can say more.

Details of the Recent Study Concerning Driver Ages and Traffic Incidents 

The study reported by CBS News, which was conducted by Lending Tree, showed that Generation Z drivers have double the rate of traffic “incidents” as the age group that comes in second, which is millennials (currently drivers between the ages of 27 and 42). The incidents cited include the following:

  • Car accidents;
  • DUIs;
  • Speeding tickets; and
  • Traffic citations.

That study also showed that there is not a significant change between drivers in Generation X, the Baby Boomer generation, and the Silent Generation — or, the rate of traffic incidents is not statistically significant between motorists aged 43 to 95. The data is notable since many safety organizations have long suggested that older adults may be more likely to be involved in a crash than many younger drivers.

Gathering Evidence of a Driver’s Negligence 

What kinds of behaviors result in these types of driving incidents? In large part, the following negligent actions are responsible for dangerous traffic incidents:

  • Distracted driving, which can involve talking to texting on a cell phone, or doing anything that takes your eyes off the road, hands off the wheel, and/or mind off the immediate task of driving;
  • Intoxicated driving, which can include drunk driving or drugged driving (and even impairment resulting from the use of legal prescription medications);
  • Aggressive driving and road rage, which can take various forms from tailgating or running red lights to weaving in traffic or attempting to force another vehicle off the road; and
  • Drowsy driving, which involves driving when you are not awake enough to be behind the wheel safely.

Whether you are involved in a car crash caused by a Generation Z driver or a motorist of another age, it is important to gather as much evidence as you can to support your auto insurance claim and car accident lawsuit later on.

Contact a Richmond Car Accident Attorney 

Drivers of any age can engage in dangerous and negligent behaviors behind the wheel, and it is important to find out more about filing a claim if you were recently injured in a crash. Whether a Gen Z driver caused the collision in which you were injured or a motorist of another age was responsible, you may have multiple options for financial compensation. Many people who are injured in car accidents start the process of seeking compensation by filing an auto insurance claim, but you also may be eligible to file a car accident lawsuit to seek damages for losses not covered by an insurance claim. The experienced Richmond car accident lawyers at Latham & Martin can help. Contact us today to begin the process of seeking compensation after a car crash.





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