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Richmond Personal Injury Lawyer / Richmond Rollover Accident Lawyer

Richmond Rollover Accident Lawyers

There is no doubt that rollover accidents can be some of the most devastating and life-altering incidents on the road. Although barely more than two percent of all motor vehicle crashes are rollovers, these deadly accidents account for a horrifyingly one-third of all crash fatalities. Those who survive a terrifying rollover are likely to suffer serious or catastrophic injuries no matter how well-built or crashworthy the car they are traveling in, including head and neck injuries in half of all nonfatal rollovers and spine injuries to one in ten rollover victims.

Rollover accidents are complex mechanical events, often requiring expert assistance to determine how the crash happened and assess fault against any negligent parties liable for the accident, which could include the driver of another vehicle in a collision or “phantom vehicle” crash or the government agency or contractor responsible for designing, building or maintaining the road. In complicated situations like these, skilled and knowledgeable legal help is invaluable. The attorneys at Latham & Martin have been helping crash victims in Virginia for over a decade and are dedicated to providing personalized attention to assist their clients in understanding their rights and pursuing appropriate compensation. Learn more below about these dangerous and deadly crashes, and call Latham & Martin for a free consultation with a team of compassionate and dedicated Richmond rollover accident lawyers.

What Is a Rollover Accident?

A rollover accident is technically defined as a vehicle rotation of 90 degrees or more about any longitudinal (end-over-end) or lateral (sideways) axis. Plainly speaking, a rollover accident occurs when a vehicle tips over onto its side or roof, often due to a collision with another vehicle or object, loss of control, or road conditions. These accidents can lead to severe injuries or even fatalities.

Causes of Rollover Accidents

  1. High Speed: Often, rollover accidents occur at higher speeds, where a sudden turn or collision can cause the vehicle to flip. Not surprisingly, most rollover accidents happen on highways.
  2. Vehicle Type: Some vehicles, like light pickup trucks and SUVs, are more prone to rollovers due to their higher center of gravity. SUVs and pickups have been gaining a larger share of the automotive market for decades, contributing to an increase in the incidence of rollover crashes.
  3. Road Conditions: Slippery or uneven road conditions can also lead to rollovers. Additionally, an object in the road that fell off a truck, a pothole, or a loose road surface near a highway construction zone can create a “trip” in the road, causing the tire to lose its grip.
  4. Collisions and Phantom Collisions: A crash with another vehicle can instigate a rollover, depending on the angle of collision, speed, the vehicles involved, and other factors. A phantom vehicle accident occurs when another driver’s negligence, such as an unsafe lane change, forces the other driver into a situation where they leave the road or lose control of the car, increasing the chances for a rollover.
  5. Driver Error: In some cases, driver negligence or inexperience plays a role. For instance, drivers who overreact to a traffic slowdown or road obstruction might lose control of their vehicle.

Injuries Commonly Associated with Rollover Accidents

Victims of rollover accidents often suffer some of the most serious and catastrophic injuries, such as:

  • Head and brain injuries
  • Spinal cord damage
  • Broken or fractured bones
  • Internal injuries
  • Emotional trauma

The complexity of these injuries requires immediate medical attention, and ongoing care may lead to significant financial burdens. Rollover injuries can be long-term or permanent, referring both to physical injury and the psychological toll of these terrifying incidents.

How Latham & Martin Can Help

Latham & Martin’s personal injury attorneys in Richmond, Virginia, have extensive experience in dealing with the most serious forms of car accidents. Our personalized approach to every accident includes:

  1. Investigating the Accident: Gathering evidence, speaking to witnesses, and understanding the cause of the rollover.
  2. Coordinating Medical Care: Making sure you get the medical care you need now while also considering future treatments and their financial implications.
  3. Negotiating With Insurance Companies: Working on your behalf to ensure fair compensation for your injuries, pain, and suffering. We deal with insurance companies every day and don’t fall prey to pressure tactics, delays, excuses or other negotiation strategies.
  4. Legal Representation: If a settlement is not reached, the skilled attorneys at Latham & Martin are prepared to represent you in court. We are experienced trial lawyers, which means we won’t be bullied into a bad settlement or shrink from a legal battle.

Contact Latham & Martin Today

If you or a loved one has been involved in a rollover accident in Richmond, Virginia, don’t hesitate to call our office for legal assistance. The personal injury law firm of Latham & Martin is committed to offering guidance, support, and vigorous legal representation to those impacted by such devastating accidents.

By choosing Latham & Martin, you are not just hiring a law firm; you are engaging a dedicated team ready to fight for your rights and well-being. Reach out today by calling 804-821-0090 or filling out our online contact form.

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