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Category Archives: Truck Accident


Liability for Tractor-Trailer Accidents in Virginia

By Latham & Martin, P.C. |

There are several major highways that run through Virginia, as well as other roads on which large trucks travel. In the Richmond area alone, large trucks transporting goods up and down the eastern seaboard, as well as across the country from coast to coast, not to mention in the mid-Atlantic region, frequently travel on… Read More »

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Reasons for Deadly Tractor-Trailer Collisions

By Latham & Martin, P.C. |

Large trucks routinely drive through and around Richmond, picking up and delivering goods on routes along I-95 and I-64, not to mention local stops in the Richmond area. While tractor-trailers are responsible for ensuring that consumers have access to many of the products they rely upon, these vehicles are also disproportionately responsible for deadly… Read More »

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